The Value of Independent Brokers

PURE is proud to partner with only the finest of independent brokers who work to serve your interests with deep expertise. We strongly believe that sound, expert discovery and advice from an independent professional will enable us to serve you best. We are highly selective in the brokers with whom we partner. We look for those who display a strong understanding of the personal insurance needs of high net worth families, who have reputations for excellence within the communities they serve, and who are dedicated professionals acting as trusted advisors for their clients.


By many estimates, there are more than 30,000 independent insurance agencies throughout the U.S. Though many thousands have applied for appointment with PURE, our careful selection process has resulted in only a small fraction of those being appointed. This selectivity helps to ensure you are being served well and allows us to develop deep broker partnerships. Through these meaningful partnerships, we can serve our members better; this results in a better member experience, which is reflected in stronger year-over-year member renewals and a world-class NPS® that continues to increase.


In 2015, PURE grew its network with more than 100 new broker relationships, while still remaining highly selective.


We align ourselves with brokers who are independent and act in the interests of their clients. We are proud to recognize those who combine client advocacy with insurance professionalism, and who deliver exceptional results for PURE, with our PURE Paragon designation. As a result of their hard work and superior operating results in 2015, 93 of our broker partners earned the PURE Paragon designation.

A number of our 2016 PURE Paragon Brokers joined for a photo while gathered for PURE’s 2016 Leadership Forum.