Member Engagement

Inspiring Member Advocacy In Action

We’re committed to creating an exceptional member experience, one that fosters high retention and word-of mouth referrals that fuel PURE’s growth. As you can imagine, we’re humbled and inspired when members like these go above and beyond to support PURE.

 Cindy and Martin Galbut, PURE members since 2014.

Martin & Cindy Galbut, Arizona

The expansive art collection displayed throughout Martin and Cindy Galbut’s home reflects the couple’s passion for collecting. So when two prized pieces toppled over and broke, they were very upset. Having only switched to PURE two months prior, they were unsure of what type of claim experience to expect. In the end, PURE’s fast and thorough service delighted the couple—so much that they wanted to introduce their friends and family members to PURE. To do so, the Galbuts opened up their home for an art event hosted by PURE.

“We want those who we care about to benefit in the same way we did,” said Martin. “The service we received was just exceptional; it is the way you would hope to be treated, and it’s the same way I treat my own clients.”

Martin Galbut presents PURE employees with a finished painting by Wei Tai (front right) and custom gilded frame by Peter Werkhoven (front left) as a gesture of gratitude at the event.

The event showcased the Galbut’s art collection, as well as Martin’s personal paintings—a hobby of his for more than 20 years. Also in attendance was Martin’s artistic mentor, Wei Tai, and San Francisco-based frame carver, Peter Werkhoven, who both put on a live demonstration for attendees during the event.

“Having an event at our home seemed like a unique way to make the introduction—after all, our home and our collection are the reason we have PURE,” he added.

Pat Pulido Sanchez and Manny Sanchez, PURE members since 2013.

Manny Sanchez & Pat Pulido Sanchez, Illinois

When Manny Sanchez, an Illinois-based lawyer, learned that PURE was designed specifically for high net worth individuals, he decided to get a quote and subsequently became a member. “I was immediately impressed by the selectivity of the underwriting process and the actions PURE took to help me become safer,” said Manny. “They sent a Risk Manager out to inspect my home. And not only did he inspect it, he offered advice for ways to prevent damage from ever happening. That really resonated with me.”

Manny was so impressed that he wanted to share his experience with his fellow lawyers. During a law organization event, he stood up in front of more than 1,000 of his peers to advocate for PURE.

“I wanted my fellow Harmonie Group members to know that PURE Insurance is something they ought to explore,” said Manny. “I often say PURE is one of the
best kept secrets. It makes economic sense and, although I’ve been lucky enough to never have a claim, it’s nice to know I have a company like PURE standing behind me if something were to happen.”

Donna and Jerry Simon, PURE members since 2015.

Jerry & Donna Simon, Connecticut

When the Simons received a call at 4:00 a.m. from their alarm company alerting them to a fire in their Vermont ski home, hours away from where they currently were in Connecticut, they felt helpless. Their first thoughts were of the memories made in the home over the past 35 years, and of the irreplaceable mementos from their children’s youth that would now be lost forever. After the news set in, they called their insurance broker who called PURE. “Moments after speaking with my broker, I received a call from someone at PURE. From that moment on, we were just delighted by the level of service we received from everyone at PURE. It was so unexpected,” said Dr. Simon, a dentist in Connecticut.

Dr. Simon was so delighted by his experience that he felt compelled to share his story with his peers, and he did so in an email to nearly 1,500 of his fellow dentists. “This is sort of like when we do a good job for our patients and they refer us just because they appreciate what we did,” Dr. Simon wrote in his email.

More Stories of PURE Advocacy

Denny and Karen Larabee, PURE members since 2008.

Denny & Karen Larabee, South Carolina

“PURE isn’t your typical insurance company; membership means more than a piece of paper with a policy number on it,” said Denny Larabee. “Like all members, I’m part of the reciprocal exchange, so I care how it does. To help grow the business, I tell everyone who might qualify about this insurance company that is unlike any other.”

Rachel Schrepferman, PURE member since 2013, with her insurance broker Callie Wall of Sterling G. Thompson Insurance Co.

Rachel Schrepferman, Kentucky

“It’s a brilliant model. Everyone is going to take these extra precautions to prevent loss,” said Rachel. “Insurance is not something you typically get excited about — but in the case of PURE, I’m excited and I tell that to everyone in my circle of friends and my community. It feels like more than just insurance, and I’m thankful to Callie for introducing me to it.”

Ken and Sallie Dowd, PURE members since 2010.

Ken & Sallie Dowd, South Carolina

“It’s the personal engagement with the membership that really differentiates PURE,” said Ken Dowd, who organized a PURE Member/Guest event in his local South Carolina community. “What people took away from the event was that it’s not just about PURE’s competitive pricing. It’s about their claims handling, the quality of their underwriting, and their responsiveness, which is unbelievable and complete.”


If you would like our help sharing your “PURE story” in your community, contact Bobby Collins, SVP, PURE Member Engagement, at 843.469.0786 or